Extraordinary story of Zhang Da, A Son Never Give Up!

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This is a real story from China. Zhang Da is a child in China that received a high appreciation from the government because otherwise have done “Extraordinary Deeds”. Among the 9 winning the award, he was the only child who was selected from 1.4 billion people in China.

Since he was 10 years old, her mother left him with his father. Her mother didn’t want to live in poverty along her life. Beside that, her husband also often ill,so she left his family. Because of that,Zang Dha must take a heavy responsibility to find food for his father and himself, he must also buy drugs to his father that definitely not cheap for him.

He started a new life by continuing to attend school. From home to school must walk through a small forest. On the way to go to school, he began to eat leaves, seeds and fruits that he met.After school hours during the day and evening, he joined some masons for splitting large rocks and get salary from that job. Worked as a mason he used to buy rice and medicine for his father.

He lived like this for 5 years,but he still healthy, fresh and strong. Since he was 10 years old,he began the responsibility to care for her father. Zhang Da injected his father alone. he began to learn about drugs through a used book that he bought,because of the expensive cost of medical treatment.

When MC asked him,”Zhang Da, mention what you want, where do you want to school, and what do you want to happen in your life? How much money do you need until you finish college?. Zhang Da was silent and did not answer anything. MC also said again to him,”Today there are hundreds of millions of people are looking at you through the television screen, they can help you! “,Zang Dha replied,”I want mommy back. Mama returned to the house, I can help the poor, I can find their own food, Mama back!”

Everyone present was spontaneously shed tears with emotion. No one expected what would come out of his lips.

Value :

whatever happens the mother is a very precious person in this life,love of a mother is the most beautiful thing all the time.The story above raises admiration. A 10-year-old child can run a heavy responsibility for 5 years. Difficulties of life the child has forged a formidable figure of the child and never give up.

Source      : http://www.bubblews.com/news/447427-extraordinary-story-of-zhang-da-a-son-never-give-up

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The woodcutter and the king of the mice

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This story is one of the Favourite story from Cambodia,it tells about a woodcutter and the king of mice.

A woodcutter is a poor man,he lived with his wife in a small house. One day,he went to the forest to cut some trees. As he started to cut down the banyan tree, the king of the mice appeared and ask a woodcutter to let the tree standing,and the mice promise to give a woodcutter a piece of gold everyday.

A woodcutter agreed with the mice,he let the tree standing,and cut the other trees on the forest. every evening the king of the mice took out a piece of gold from under the roots of the tree and gave it to the woodcutter. The woodcutter took the pieces of gold home and showed them to his wife.

She wondered where her husband was getting that much gold. woodcutter tries to reassure her that it’s all halal, he explained to his wife that the gold he could from mice that gave him every night. He tells that the mice was found in the woods when he wanted to cut down a tree, but he was not so cut it in exchange will get gold every day. And his wife replied, “You are fool, you have been deceived by the rat, if you cut the tree where the mice live for sure you will get all the gold.”

The woodcutter immediately went to the woods to cut down a tree where the mice lived. after he arrived there, he cut it with a spirit, but there was no gold there.
mice was aware that he had been deceived by woodcutter, he took all the gold that has been given to the woodcutter. Now,woodcutter haven’t got anything because his greed.

Value: Do not be too greedy with the treasure, because it’s all just a loan from Allah. to have a lot of money we have to work hard, not just expecting something quick and easy like a woodcutter.

Source      : http://www.englishdirection.com/2012/05/contoh-example-of-narrative-text-king.html

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The old man who could move mountain

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A thousand years ago,there lived an old man with his family at the foot of a high mountain. He was called “Mr. Stupid”. He must climb over the mountain to go to everywhere,because of that he think to move the mountain with his family,so he and his family can go to everywhere easily.

His wife thank that was impossible to do,because he just an old man ,and weak,he was not strong to move the rocks and earth.

But the old man still convinced that he can,although physically he is an old man,but he had a young spirit to reach that dream. He belived that he can move the mountain.

At that time, there was a scholar living in the big country who was called “Mr. Clever”. When he heard what Mr. Stupid was doing, he went to see him. “You are a fool!” he screamed. “How can you move a mountain? Besides, you are old. How can you hope to finish the work before you die?”

Mr.Stupid still confident that he could move the mountain,he say that nothing can stop him. And If he die,his sons will carry on the work. When they die, their sons will carry on the work. He shouldn’t worry about it.

Mr. Clever did not know what to say and he left Mr.Stupid,and finally,after many years of hard work, Mr. stupid and his family moved the mountain and leveled the ground.

Value        :Sometimes the foolish things can make a big alteration in our life, the key just keep istiqomah to make a bigger   changing,like Mr.Stupid do.

Souce         :http://umacedge.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/tales-from-lieh-tzu-the-man-who-tried-to-move-a-mountain/

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The Little Golden Fish


Once upon a time, there lived a poor fisherman and his greedy wife  in a humble cottage near the sea. One day, he went to sea for a living. Shortly thereafter in the net there was a golden yellow fish. He thought it was strange fish, and even more surprising that the fish could talk. The fish was said that he was the son of the King of the Sea. He also said if the fisherman was let go of him then he will grant any wish.

Feel scared, without thinking that he immediately return the fish into the water. At home, the fisherman told his wife all that happened. Then his wife was angry and told him to go back to the sea to saw the fish and asked for a new washtub.

Up the beach and see the fish he had said his goal. The fish told him to went home and he was getting a new washtub. And at home, his wife was screeched. She told the fisherman to go back and look at the fish. She told the fisherman to asked the fish a big house. After getting a big house, without a sense of satisfaction she asked again with a real palace, fine clothes, and jewelry as well.

In the meantime, a storm had blown up. The sky was black and terrible flashes of lightning lit the darkness, while the waves crashed angrily on the beach. Kneeling on the rock amidst the spray, in a low voice the fisherman began to call the little fish. And when it came, he told it his wife’s latest request. But, the fish was heard in silence, and disappeared in the waves. The fisherman was waiting but the fish never returned. Then he came home and found everything was back to normal. His wife was and  in the depths of his heart, he was glad that everything was back to normal.

Next day and every day, he went back to his fishing, but he never saw the little golden fish again.

Source : http://www.yankeeweb.com/library/storytime/grimmbros/grimmbros_19.html

In this story we can learn that everything you have just deposited. So give thanks to Allah with that has given to you. Try your best to get what you want. Everything cannot be obtained instantly.

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Lion and The Bulls Fable

bulls bulls1

One day, the bulls were eating the grass and they heard the sound of a roaring lion, they still eat the grass in the forest and keep away from each other to avoid being eaten by lions. Soon the lion was already very close to the bulls. The bulls ware docked, and their tail approached each other. “Auhmm!” The lion ready to pounce the fattest bulls. But the bulls were ready to shook his horns. The hungry lion trying to pounce. then missed. In fact, his belly almost injured by bulls horn strong and sharp.
Then the lion ran around the four bulls. Bulls pressed their positions, protect each other. They like to make a strong formation from any direction lion will pounce. The lion was very hungry. It has been several days just eat small animals such as rabbits only. Until the evening, the lion was not succeeded in pouncing the bulls and his stomach  was ripped and bloody.

The bulls felt so confident that the lion had not dared to catch them and they are separated from one another. Without knowing ,the lion suddenly came and attacked one by one of them, bulls can not escape the lion attacks, because they have been separated. And lions eat them hungrily.

Value : Don’t be remiss,because the predator ready to pounce their victims any time.
From this story ,I was reminded with the motto “united we stand, divided we fall”,that’s why the unity is essential.

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The House with The Golden Windows


I read on http://www.kairos2.com/golden_window.htm that tells about a young boy who lived with his parents in a cottage on a hillside facing a valley. He was very happy to see the house that was in another hillside at the end of the valley every night. When the sunset is the his favorite atmosphere. The house will be sparkling like a light golden. He imagineed how nice the people who live in a house like that. He hopes his house could also be like that.

One day, the boy went bring a favorite toy and a piece of bread to the house of his dreams. Apparently there’s journey takes longer than expected. When I got there how disappointed he saw his dream house. That dream house was just a shack turned out just like his own house, smaller and more rundown. The usual window and no gold at all! The people in that house was very friendly and offered him a place to stay because it was quite late.

The next day he was very excited to go home and leave the house that let it down. He came out when the sunrise. He looked across the valley toward his own house. He was amazed at his own house blew up in golden light shining dazzling!

This story give us the lesson to do not be a person who is never satisfied with what you have. If only! If only! If only! That the characteristic of people who are never satisfied, always wanting more. Begin to appreciate with what we have. OK! 😉

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The Secret of Happiness

Well, I’m not going to tell this story in detail. This story about the secret of happiness that I read on  http://bemorewithless.com/the-secret-to-happiness/. One day, a shopkeeper sent his son to learn about the secret of happiness to the wise man. Then he went to the wise man. He traveled for 40 days across the desert. Finally he came to a beautiful castle on top of the mountain where the wise man lived.

He went inside to the main room palace. He saw all the people in the palace busy with their activities until he waited for two hours to get to talk to the wise man. After they met, he said the goal for the wise man. Because the wise man is still busy, so he told him to get around the palace, to see the beauty in his castle and came back two hours later. But he was told to bring a spoon containing two drops of oil and should not let the oil spilled. Then he went around the palace. But he focused solely on the scoop. Two hours later he came back to the wise man.

The wise man asked him what the beauty that he saw in his palace. And he felt ashamed and said he did not see anything. The wise man told him to see the beauty of the palace and back again. So he went and saw all of the beauty in the palace. While back, he told all that he sawto the wise man. But he forgot the spoon that containing the oil. The wise man said “There is only one piece of advice I can give to you. The secret of happiness is to enjoy all the marvels of the world and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon”.

Well, the moral value in this story is “Do not ever forget the responsibilities and enjoy the beauty of the world that we have.”

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