The Compassionate Young Boy


in a small village in Kenya, there lived a young boy with his step family. Because of water scarcity in the village, a young boy woke up every morning to take the water for himself and his step family.  He had this task as a routine every morning and evening alone,but the other just used the water that him took.

On the way back from the river, he met an old man that was thirsty, and he gave the water that has been taken. This happens almost every time as he comes back from the river ,he always gave his water although his step mother was always angry at him while carrying water that is not full,until one day he promised that he didn’t give water to anyone else.
The next day on the way home, he met again with the old man that really thirsty, he could not let the old man, and he gave his water again.
When he arrived at home. his mother was very angry to see the water in the pot is only half,suddenly the old man who was very thirsty at the river before,knocked on the door and gave a glad news to a kind  boy that he was getting a scholarship and going to live in a big city,and the boy suffering had ended
Value               : patient and sincere people who would surely get a reply in accordance with what has been done

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Posted by        :Mar’atus Sholeha


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