The old man who could move mountain

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A thousand years ago,there lived an old man with his family at the foot of a high mountain. He was called “Mr. Stupid”. He must climb over the mountain to go to everywhere,because of that he think to move the mountain with his family,so he and his family can go to everywhere easily.

His wife thank that was impossible to do,because he just an old man ,and weak,he was not strong to move the rocks and earth.

But the old man still convinced that he can,although physically he is an old man,but he had a young spirit to reach that dream. He belived that he can move the mountain.

At that time, there was a scholar living in the big country who was called “Mr. Clever”. When he heard what Mr. Stupid was doing, he went to see him. “You are a fool!” he screamed. “How can you move a mountain? Besides, you are old. How can you hope to finish the work before you die?”

Mr.Stupid still confident that he could move the mountain,he say that nothing can stop him. And If he die,his sons will carry on the work. When they die, their sons will carry on the work. He shouldn’t worry about it.

Mr. Clever did not know what to say and he left Mr.Stupid,and finally,after many years of hard work, Mr. stupid and his family moved the mountain and leveled the ground.

Value        :Sometimes the foolish things can make a big alteration in our life, the key just keep istiqomah to make a bigger   changing,like Mr.Stupid do.

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Posted by : Mar’atus Sholeha


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