Extraordinary story of Zhang Da, A Son Never Give Up!

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This is a real story from China. Zhang Da is a child in China that received a high appreciation from the government because otherwise have done “Extraordinary Deeds”. Among the 9 winning the award, he was the only child who was selected from 1.4 billion people in China.

Since he was 10 years old, her mother left him with his father. Her mother didn’t want to live in poverty along her life. Beside that, her husband also often ill,so she left his family. Because of that,Zang Dha must take a heavy responsibility to find food for his father and himself, he must also buy drugs to his father that definitely not cheap for him.

He started a new life by continuing to attend school. From home to school must walk through a small forest. On the way to go to school, he began to eat leaves, seeds and fruits that he met.After school hours during the day and evening, he joined some masons for splitting large rocks and get salary from that job. Worked as a mason he used to buy rice and medicine for his father.

He lived like this for 5 years,but he still healthy, fresh and strong. Since he was 10 years old,he began the responsibility to care for her father. Zhang Da injected his father alone. he began to learn about drugs through a used book that he bought,because of the expensive cost of medical treatment.

When MC asked him,”Zhang Da, mention what you want, where do you want to school, and what do you want to happen in your life? How much money do you need until you finish college?. Zhang Da was silent and did not answer anything. MC also said again to him,”Today there are hundreds of millions of people are looking at you through the television screen, they can help you! “,Zang Dha replied,”I want mommy back. Mama returned to the house, I can help the poor, I can find their own food, Mama back!”

Everyone present was spontaneously shed tears with emotion. No one expected what would come out of his lips.

Value :

whatever happens the mother is a very precious person in this life,love of a mother is the most beautiful thing all the time.The story above raises admiration. A 10-year-old child can run a heavy responsibility for 5 years. Difficulties of life the child has forged a formidable figure of the child and never give up.

Source      : http://www.bubblews.com/news/447427-extraordinary-story-of-zhang-da-a-son-never-give-up

Posted by : Mar’atus Sholeha


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