The Little Golden Fish


Once upon a time, there lived a poor fisherman and his greedy wife  in a humble cottage near the sea. One day, he went to sea for a living. Shortly thereafter in the net there was a golden yellow fish. He thought it was strange fish, and even more surprising that the fish could talk. The fish was said that he was the son of the King of the Sea. He also said if the fisherman was let go of him then he will grant any wish.

Feel scared, without thinking that he immediately return the fish into the water. At home, the fisherman told his wife all that happened. Then his wife was angry and told him to go back to the sea to saw the fish and asked for a new washtub.

Up the beach and see the fish he had said his goal. The fish told him to went home and he was getting a new washtub. And at home, his wife was screeched. She told the fisherman to go back and look at the fish. She told the fisherman to asked the fish a big house. After getting a big house, without a sense of satisfaction she asked again with a real palace, fine clothes, and jewelry as well.

In the meantime, a storm had blown up. The sky was black and terrible flashes of lightning lit the darkness, while the waves crashed angrily on the beach. Kneeling on the rock amidst the spray, in a low voice the fisherman began to call the little fish. And when it came, he told it his wife’s latest request. But, the fish was heard in silence, and disappeared in the waves. The fisherman was waiting but the fish never returned. Then he came home and found everything was back to normal. His wife was and  in the depths of his heart, he was glad that everything was back to normal.

Next day and every day, he went back to his fishing, but he never saw the little golden fish again.

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In this story we can learn that everything you have just deposited. So give thanks to Allah with that has given to you. Try your best to get what you want. Everything cannot be obtained instantly.

Posted by : Eni Purnama


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