The House with The Golden Windows


I read on that tells about a young boy who lived with his parents in a cottage on a hillside facing a valley. He was very happy to see the house that was in another hillside at the end of the valley every night. When the sunset is the his favorite atmosphere. The house will be sparkling like a light golden. He imagineed how nice the people who live in a house like that. He hopes his house could also be like that.

One day, the boy went bring a favorite toy and a piece of bread to the house of his dreams. Apparently there’s journey takes longer than expected. When I got there how disappointed he saw his dream house. That dream house was just a shack turned out just like his own house, smaller and more rundown. The usual window and no gold at all! The people in that house was very friendly and offered him a place to stay because it was quite late.

The next day he was very excited to go home and leave the house that let it down. He came out when the sunrise. He looked across the valley toward his own house. He was amazed at his own house blew up in golden light shining dazzling!

This story give us the lesson to do not be a person who is never satisfied with what you have. If only! If only! If only! That the characteristic of people who are never satisfied, always wanting more. Begin to appreciate with what we have. OK! 😉

Posted by : Eni Purnama



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