Lion and The Bulls Fable

bulls bulls1

One day, the bulls were eating the grass and they heard the sound of a roaring lion, they still eat the grass in the forest and keep away from each other to avoid being eaten by lions. Soon the lion was already very close to the bulls. The bulls ware docked, and their tail approached each other. “Auhmm!” The lion ready to pounce the fattest bulls. But the bulls were ready to shook his horns. The hungry lion trying to pounce. then missed. In fact, his belly almost injured by bulls horn strong and sharp.
Then the lion ran around the four bulls. Bulls pressed their positions, protect each other. They like to make a strong formation from any direction lion will pounce. The lion was very hungry. It has been several days just eat small animals such as rabbits only. Until the evening, the lion was not succeeded in pouncing the bulls and his stomach  was ripped and bloody.

The bulls felt so confident that the lion had not dared to catch them and they are separated from one another. Without knowing ,the lion suddenly came and attacked one by one of them, bulls can not escape the lion attacks, because they have been separated. And lions eat them hungrily.

Value : Don’t be remiss,because the predator ready to pounce their victims any time.
From this story ,I was reminded with the motto “united we stand, divided we fall”,that’s why the unity is essential.

Posted by : Mar’atus Sholeha

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