Two Frogs in the milk


Well, this is a story about two frogs that I read on The one was fat and the other skinny. They were looking for something good to eat. Inadvertently, they jumped into a vat of milk. They were trying to get out, but they could not. The milk vat was too slippery, so they could only swimming around.

The fat frog said “Brother frog, there’s no use to us to keep on pedaling. We’re just going to be drowned, so we might to give up.” The skinny frog said “Hold on brother, keep pedaling. Somebody will get us out.” So they continue pedaling.

After an hour pedaling, the fat frog complain again. He felt very tired pedaling for an hour. He wanted to stop pedaling and drowned because he felt everything was just going to be wasted. He felt they were destined to drown in it. But the skinny frog said to keep on pedaling. Something is bound to happen if they continue pedaling. Then two hours passed.

The fat frog can not stand it anymore and stopped pedaling. He was give up and drowned. But the skinny frog still trying to pedaling. Ten minutes later, the skinny frog felt something solid beneath his feet. He had churned the milk into butter and he jumped out of the vat.

Moral Value :

When your life gets really tough.
When you think you have had enough.
Try so hard before you rest.
Keep on working, do your best.
Don’t give up until you are done.
Don’t give up until you have won.

Never Give Up!!

Posted by : Eni Purnama


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