The Most Important Thing in Life

Ahh… It is been awhile I not rewrite again a motivational story. Hehee 🙂

I read on that tells about two friends. They were friends for over twenty years. His friend was dying, his name is Hal. He held his hand and they knew that the next few days will be Hal last. They spent time remembering the past. Then Hal squeezed his hand, gazed intently into his eyes and whispered, just loud enough for him to hear, “Nothing is more important than relationships”, said Hal. He thinks that Hal can be learning a lot during his life. Hal learned that nothing is more important than relationships. Hal said that do not get sucked into a career, do not use a person for a purpose, and then throw it away. Do not sacrifice other people for personal gain. In the end, building relationships that truly matter.

Therefore, treat people around you as if they will die at midnight. Treat them very well without any compensation, because your life will not be the same again. Any time that spent together is precious.

Posted by : Eni Purnama


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