The Three Trees

images ThreeTreesMicheleDodds

Once upon a time, there was three small trees growing on top of the mountain. They were dreaming of their adult years. The first trees wanted to be a crate that will be filled with gems. The second trees wanted to be a big boat of the strongest in the world and to bring the king around the ocean. And the third trees wanted to grow to be the tallest trees in the world. The little trees grew tall.

One day, three wood cutters go mountain climbing. The three rose and felled trees. The first wood cutter wood made ​​into animal feed safety. While the second timber cutting wood to make it simpler for small boat fishermen. The third tree is only used small blocks and abandoned in the sale of timber by cutting the third timber. After so much time had passed, they seemed to forget about their dreams. Until one day God’ plans to change their minds.

Value : Everyone has a different dream. Like these three trees. Actually, we wish it had achieved in different ways. How wonderful that God planned. Each plan of God is beautiful and the best for us. Do not ever get discouraged accept the situation.

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Posted by : Eni Purnama


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