On this website tells the story of a farmer had a beautiful farm and also the beautiful lake near the farm. One day, a stranger passed by in the area ranch. The stranger asked the farmer that have you seen diamond recently. The farmer was surprised. Diamond? the stranger was also surprised to see the expression of the farmer. Then the stranger explained where the farmer can get the diamonds. He can get the raw diamonds in Africa.

Then the farmer sells his farm and lakes to explore Africa. But for ten years he never found the diamonds. While the people who buy his ranch was enjoying his luck. she got a huge diamond and make it as an exhibit in his home. One day a stranger came and saw another diamond in the farmhouse. Then the stranger asked that did the first farmers found this diamond. But the farmer said no livestock farmers who sell it, and he realized that big stone diamond. diamonds are the most precious and expensive in the world.

Value : Many opportunities that exist around us. Up to us to see it as a good opportunity or not meaningful.

Source : http://www.happyquotesworld.com/2011/12/opportunity-quotes-diamond.html

Posted by : Eni Purnama


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