The Chicken

eagle and chicken7670154-eagle-and-chicken golden-eagle_chicks

Starting from an eagle’s egg that fell into the chicken farm because of the earthquake. Then, an old chicken volunteered to protect and care for the eagle’s egg. Until the time, the egg was born a beautiful eagle. The eagle was raised to be a chicken. The eagle just believe that she was a chicken until one day she saw a group of eagles flying. Then the eagle said that she also wanted to be able to fly. But the other chickens told her that was impossible because she’s a chicken. The eagle kept to dream to fly like the other eagles, but the chickens were kept on saying that it was impossible because she was a chicken. Finally the eagle stopped dreaming and living like a chicken, until the eagle died.

Value : Never stop dreaming, keep pursuing your dreams. Do not let others influence you. Just be yourself, do not be what others want.

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Posted by : Eni Purnama


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