The Lorax

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The Lorax was written by a man named Dr. Seuss. This is a story of a young boy named Ted who lives in the environment no natural life. No trees, no flowers, only plastic decoration. One day he went to the girl he liked, she suggests painting the beautiful trees. He decided to grant the wishes of the girl who wanted to have the real tree. He decided to go to Once-ler that his grandma said to gave the last tree seed. By leaving the town, he was finally able to met with the Once-ler. With hard work to persuade the Once-ler, he finally succeeded. Of course a good thing there is always hitch. But that does not made Ted surrender.

He tried to convince everyone in the city to plant trees in the city. Although it was difficult, but in the end all the people in the city support, and a small tree was brought big changes to the city.
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Value : Always effort and hard work, should not despair in realizing the good wishes. A little kindness will bring a big change. Trees and natural life must be preserved. Not only did we learn from parents, but children can also become good teacher. Continue to teach kindness to everyone.


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