Just 5 More Minutes

When I read this story I thrilled and touched. This is story about a mother that has children. One day she accompany her son in the park. A few moments later, she asked her son to went home. Her son said “Just five more minutes, Mummy. Please?”. She did her son wish. Five minutes later, she asked her son again, and her son said the same thing like before. Again and again she did her son wish. Another mother who was accompanying his son asked her why she was doing that? She said that her older son had died of a traffic accident. She never spent much time with him. This time she wanted to give this precious five minutes. She did not want to make the same mistake again. The real situation is that she is getting a chance for five minutes to accompany and spend time with her son.

Source : http://www.eislaminfo.blogspot.com/2011/12/just-5-more-minutes-motivational-story.html

Value : Five minutes for some people it may no meaning. But did you know, five minutes it could provide a great opportunity. In five minutes we could feel the happiness with our loved ones, though short but very worthwhile. Five minutes can also specify your future. Give apreciate for every second of your time 🙂

Posted by : Eni Purnama


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