Just 5 More Minutes

When I read this story I thrilled and touched. This is story about a mother that has children. One day she accompany her son in the park. A few moments later, she asked her son to went home. Her son said “Just five more minutes, Mummy. Please?”. She did her son wish. Five minutes later, she asked her son again, and her son said the same thing like before. Again and again she did her son wish. Another mother who was accompanying his son asked her why she was doing that? She said that her older son had died of a traffic accident. She never spent much time with him. This time she wanted to give this precious five minutes. She did not want to make the same mistake again. The real situation is that she is getting a chance for five minutes to accompany and spend time with her son.

Source : http://www.eislaminfo.blogspot.com/2011/12/just-5-more-minutes-motivational-story.html

Value : Five minutes for some people it may no meaning. But did you know, five minutes it could provide a great opportunity. In five minutes we could feel the happiness with our loved ones, though short but very worthwhile. Five minutes can also specify your future. Give apreciate for every second of your time 🙂

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Chicken Soup for the Soul book


Chicken Soup for the Soul book

This is the fact of the failure to reach success. Chicken Soup for the Soul book is one of my favorite books, I often read this book when I was in school ,this book is in the category of best seller.

When The first Chicken Soup for the Soul book was completed,more than thirty-three publishers in New York and another ninety at the American Booksellers refused this book. They thank that Nobody wanted  to read a book of short little stories. But Since tehe book published,more than 8 million copies of the original Chicken Soup for th Soul book have been sold. Their derision ignore with the fact, the publisher who rejected the book was so surprised of sale of this book. And this book is in the category of best seller until now. Many people like this book because this book give them many motivation in life with the interesting story.

Value :

To get a success in our life,we need to belive in our self.

Almost all of our dreams are something impossible,but something impossible can be possible if we have a strong determination and persistence


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The Lorax

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The Lorax was written by a man named Dr. Seuss. This is a story of a young boy named Ted who lives in the environment no natural life. No trees, no flowers, only plastic decoration. One day he went to the girl he liked, she suggests painting the beautiful trees. He decided to grant the wishes of the girl who wanted to have the real tree. He decided to go to Once-ler that his grandma said to gave the last tree seed. By leaving the town, he was finally able to met with the Once-ler. With hard work to persuade the Once-ler, he finally succeeded. Of course a good thing there is always hitch. But that does not made Ted surrender.

He tried to convince everyone in the city to plant trees in the city. Although it was difficult, but in the end all the people in the city support, and a small tree was brought big changes to the city.
Want to know the full story? you can watching it on http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+lorax+full+movie
or read the article on http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2012/jul/26/dr-seuss-the-lorax-review

Value : Always effort and hard work, should not despair in realizing the good wishes. A little kindness will bring a big change. Trees and natural life must be preserved. Not only did we learn from parents, but children can also become good teacher. Continue to teach kindness to everyone.


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Rose’s Dream


At the first time I read this story,I was very impressed with the value , I really love to read this story.This is a real story about old women that never think late to do something .Her name is Rose,she was eighty-seven years old,she always dreamed of having a college education,but  she never had a chance to study in a collage when she was young. So,she studied in a collage in eighty-seven years old.

She wasn’t shy to get the education in her age,she was a famous student in the university because of her spirit to finish her study in the university,she also known with her best advice to her friends. And finally, she earned a college degree. One week after graduation, Rose died peacefully in her sleep. Over two thousand college students attended her funeral in honor of the wonderful woman who gave an example that it’s never too late to be all you can possibly.

Value : This story teach us to never think late to do something,age is not a problem to reach our goals. As long as we still live,do not think to stop pursuing our dreams.

Source : http://www.beliefnet.com/Inspiration/2000/08/Roses-Dream.aspx

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The strength of group work

This is a story about The Arogant Corporal. Somewhere, group of soldiers was trying to lift a large branch of a tree from their way,but The Corporal just standing and instructing the soldiers,without gave a help. Suddenly, a stranger man  came with his hourse and said to the Corporal,“if you help them they will be able to move it”. The corporal assumed that it was not his job,and the soldiers should do it. Immediately ,The Stranger dismounted from his horse, and helped the group of the soldiers to move that tree. After moving it, the stranger mounted his horse and said to the Corporal, “Next time you need to move some heavy thing and if you need a help, call for the Commander-in Chief”. It was then that the men realized that the stranger was none other than George Washington – the first President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief of the army.


George Washington – the first President of the United States

Value    : Don’t assume if you are higher,and make you don’t want to help your subordinates in particular situation.

Source  : http://academictips.org/blogs/the-strength-of-group-work/

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Brooklyn Bridge: A Story of Determination


This is a real life story of engineer John Roebling and his son building the Brooklyn Bridge in New York,he inspired to build a spectacular bridge connecting New York with the Long Island, but the world thought that this was an impossible and told Roebling to forget the idea, he convince his son Washington that the bridge  fact could be built.when they work the project, a tragic accident on the site took the life of John Roebling. Washington was also injured and left with a certain amount of brain damage, which resulted in him not being able to talk or walk.Washington was never discouraged although he cannot talk or walk, developed a code of communication with his wife. For 13 years Washington tapped out his instructions with his finger on his wife’s arm, until the bridge was finally completed.

Source : http://www.roopesharakkal.com/dailymotivation.html

Value :

Never give up for make your dreams became true. Don’t listen the negative comment from many people which usually assume if your dream is impossible to do. Because there’s nothing impossible in this world.

Everything we do always have a risk. But that can’t be an obstacles for achieves your great dream. Just have a thingking if that’s a challenge and you must find the problem solving for develop your dreams and instead of felt discourage.


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Fruits of labour (Hard Work bring Success)

This is story about a rich businessman that has a child. His child is lazy and like to have fun.  The businessman wanted his son to be hard-working and responsible. One day he ordered his son to earn something, but his son was afraid. He went to his mother and cried. His mother was pity and gave him a gold coin. Then he gave the gold coin to his father. His father asked him to throw it into the well. The son did as he was told. He knew that the gold coin from her mother. Tomorrow he ordered his son again. This time his son went to his sister. The same thing that his mother did, his sister gave him a rupee coin from her own savings. Again and again his father knew and ordered him to did the same thing like before. Of course he did. His father asked him again to earn something.
Because this time nothing else could help, finally he went to the market to work. He only got two rupees a day of hard work. As he returned home, his father asked him to throw it into the well, the horrified son almost cried out. He could not imagine throwing his hard-earned money like this. His body ached and he felt disappointed with his father’s treatment. His father smiled. He said a person feels pain only when the fruits of labor is wasted. The son had now realized the value of hard work. He promised that he never to be lazy and safe keep the father’s wealth. The father handed over the keys of his shop to the son and promised to guide him through the rest of the life.

Source : http://www.sunniforum.com/forum/showthread.php?64172-Fruits-of-labour-%28Hard-Work-bring-Success%29

Value : In this story can be taken lessons in life that it takes hard work and appreciate the hard work itself. Although the work was very tiring, never give up. That’s a challenge in life.  There is not anything that can be obtained instantly.


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